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RRR Microscopes at BaneBio, Guest Post by James Averill


RRR – reduce, reuse, recycle… or maybe more like restore and re-imagine!

Most of the optical microscopes acquired by BaneBio come from surplus sources and biological firms that have moved, merged or simply run out of the required funding to carry on. After sitting on a warehouse shelf for many years, these microscopes are in need of a good cleaning, proper lubrication, and alignment. Some additionally require mechanical repair and parts replacement. The BaneBio team performs these tasks with expertise and confidence.

BaneBio has the capacity to properly restore and service optical microscopes of all makes and models. We are able to locate missing components for microscopes in excess of 20 years-old. Most major brand microscopes (NOZL=Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica/Leitz) as well as some older United States-made microscopes (American Optical and Bausch and Lomb) can be repaired by our in-house technicians.

Additionally, here at BaneBio, we upgrade dated microscopes with 21st century technology, ensuring their usefulness for the future. BaneBio’s professional staff can repair circuit boards for light intensity control as well as fabricate parts and adapters in order to upgrade for LED illumination, motorized XYZ, and modern digital photomicroscopy.

By the way, did we mention BaneBio performs all of these tasks in-house?

BaneBio: Restoring and Reimagining Daily!

inverted microscopes
Left: BaneBio’s microscope tech working on a Nikon inverted fluorescence microscope. Right: A Nikon Diaphot TMD inverted microscope that was missing the original light source. BaneBio’s solution? Adapt a 100W halogen lamp from Carl Zeiss Germany and the instrument is now ready to roll!

We carry several fully functional light optical microscopes at BaneBio – each with various features and specifications depending on your laboratory needs – and as always, this equipment comes with our standard 30-Day Warranty!

James Averill is the President and CEO at Bunton Instrument Company, Inc. and our resident microscope expert at BaneBio. Contact Jim at [email protected] for your microscope repairs and troubleshooting, or with any questions about our current selection. For more information about the Bunton Instrument Company, visit or view their YouTube channel.