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Spectrophotometers Need Love Too!


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and while everyone is busy figuring out how to best to dote on their loved ones, hardly anyone thinks of their poor, unloved spectrophotometer.

Day in and day out, who’s going to be there to measure the absorbance of samples at whichever wavelengths you ask of her?

Who’s going to make sure the measurement of the reduction in intensity the beam of light shining through is dead accurate?

Who is going to check the concentration in your sample thus ensuring quality control? You guessed it…

beckman lab equipmentBut who makes sure Spectrophotometers’ needs are being met? Hopefully, on a regular basis, you’re pampering her calibration wants and needs. Thanks to regular wear and tear and a bit of dirt and dust, many Spectrophotometers are not giving you the accuracy you seek. For many labs, regulations ensure the periodic testing and calibration of Spectrophotometers. For others, what are you waiting for?

Wavelength and photometric accuracy, resolution, and stray light should all be verified to be certain your Spectrophotometer is performing in the most functional way possible. BaneBio can pamper your meter with a full operational check and cleaning.

Give your Spectrophotometer some love and she’ll reward you with the accuracy you desire!

Or if she’s ready for retirement, we have an array of slightly loved yet fully functional replacements. Think of us as your own personal cupid. We here at BaneBio would be delighted to connect you with a wonderful spectrophotometer – one that is perfect for you in every way. Contact [email protected] to get the ball rolling. It’ll be match made in heaven!