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5 Signs You Should Consider a Lab Relocation

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Chances are the laboratory business you launched originally has changed a lot from the company you see today. Even if your core business remains the same, you may be doing a wider scope of work for more clients using new equipment and procedures—all factors that might leave you asking “Are we still in the ideal location?”

But relocating your laboratory isn’t to be taken lightly. Moving materials, equipment, data, samples, and more to a new location requires meticulous planning, coordination, and execution. You’ll need to think about shutting down, packing, shipping, unpacking, installing, and recalibrating the equipment. Moving temperature-sensitive materials and samples is a painstaking process, and data transfer has a zero tolerance for error. If your work involves animals, this opens up an even more complex set of considerations. This level of complexity is why a lab relocation can take 4–6 months of planning before the moving even begins. 

Our best advice is this: Don’t just look at what you need now. We recommend you evaluate your current workspace in light of your projected needs as well as your current concerns—what will you need as your 5–10 year plan begins to come to fruition? 

Let’s review five important factors that influence whether you should consider a laboratory relocation.

Size Matters

Is your laboratory large enough for your team to work safely? Do you have enough storage space for supplies and equipment? Do you have enough room to take on additional business based on your growth projections? Ensuring that your laboratory is large enough for your current and future needs is one of the most important factors when considering a lab relocation.

Safety First

A crowded lab with an inconvenient configuration is not a safe lab. Having enough room between work stations for your team to function efficiently provides safer conditions and a more comfortable layout.

Hindered Access to Resources

Is your lab able to receive materials and ship product efficiently? Moving your lab so it is better positioned to more affordably handle the raw materials you need and ship your products to your end users is one of the most important things you can do to increase your bottom line.

The Convenience Factor

Do your employees travel a lot? How close is your lab to a major airport? Is your current location inconvenient for clients?  Moving your lab to a more accessible location could make a big difference in your ability to attract customers and an appreciated benefit to your team.

Dollars and Sense

Are you paying for building amenities you don’t need? Are there building features that you don’t have now that would help your business operate more efficiently? Compare your expenses for rent, lease, property taxes and insurance with other available properties, and decide if investing in a less expensive option with different features would benefit your bottom line. Could it be time to buy instead of rent? Speak to your business manager or accountant about the possible benefits of a lab relocation into a building that you own vs. one you rent.

The location of your lab is critical to your company’s growth, stability, safety, and overall operations. Ensuring that your lab is located in a convenient, safe place where your team feels comfortable will help morale and productivity, and ultimately affect your lab’s profitability and long term success. 

If all signs point to a necessary relocation, strongly consider finding a partner like BaneBio to assist you. BaneBio has years of experience and a proven track record in helping businesses like yours plan, coordinate and execute a successful laboratory relocation. We’re poised and ready to assist you, so reach out today and start the conversation.