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Craft Beer & UV-Vis Spectrophotometry


There has been growing interest and consumer demand in the craft brewing industry over the past few decades, with hundreds of new craft breweries opening annually in the United States.

Beer consumers are no longer content with a single beer of choice. Instead they are demanding nearly unlimited variety and selection, a trend that is testing the limits of some smaller breweries that may lack the capacity and resources to do a lot of brewing research themselves.

For many breweries, spectrophotometric technology is commonly used in the brewing process, owing to its ability to provide rapid and precise measurements. UV-Vis spectrophotometry can evaluate a variety of factors including color, protein, polyphenols, ethanol, iodine, sulfites, hops, and total carbohydrate, among others. In fact, UV-Vis can analyze more essential aspects of a beer throughout the brewing process than any other single piece of analytical equipment.

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