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ReUse Matters!


Reuse is different from recycling, although people often confuse the two. Recycling, while a good practice, uses a lot of energy and requires an industrial change to a product. This usually results in a new product of lesser quality.

Reusing a product, however, does not require major manufacturing manipulation. A reused object is simply put back to work, whether for its original purpose or not.

Examples of reusing materials include:

– Donating old, working computers to a school

– Allowing customers to return used packaging (e.g., boxes, packing peanuts, bubble wrap), so that the business can use it again

– Furnishing an office with reclaimed materials instead of purchasing new chairs, tables, etc.

You may be asking yourself “why does reuse matter?” Reusing resources can help a business save money while decreasing its ecological footprint. It increases the lifespan of investments and spares a business the cost of buying new products.

Reuse can also impact the community. Businesses can donate old materials and products to schools, creative art centers, or any number of reuse organizations. This benefits the community and avoids wasting good materials. It’s easy to incorporate reuse into your business model.

First ask yourself the following questions when throwing something away at work:

– Can we use this somewhere else in our organization?

– Could someone outside the organization use this?

Then make an effort to forge ongoing reuse partnerships. Reach out to organizations in your community that may need and appreciate reused items on a regular basis. Conversely, if you think you can reuse another organization’s goods, reach out to them for possible products or resources.

Reusing office supplies, furniture, and products can help your business save money, build partnerships, and reduce its ecological footprint.

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