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Freeze Responsibly: Sustainable Science


Are you avidly green? Do you recycle on the regular? Is your thermostat in your home or work place set for maximum efficiency? Good.

Now what about your sample freezer? Yes, your ULT Cabinet Freezer.

While long referred to as the ”Minus 80”, this freezer can actually be kept at a slightly less cool -70 in many cases. Yes, you read that right. You can save energy and money by raising that freezer by 10 degrees Celsius and your samples will be just fine! Many leading university labs have already made the switch to “Minus 70” freezing.

ULT cabinet sample freezer

Energy usage can be reduced by up to 30% when making the ten-degree switch, however the capacity to do so does depend on the use of newer more efficient freezers. Modern manufacturers are faced with increasing regulations therefore causing the production of more efficient machines.

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