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About Your Basic Lab Glass


Veteran scientists – i.e. Chem Crazies, Bio Buffs, Sciency Superhumans… you guys know your lab glass. However, science dabblers – the careful craftsmen dancing on the ledge of science – this is for you.

Microbrewers, cannabis growers, and wine vinters; I see you. I know you’re looking at lab glass thinking, “Hey, I could use that!” Know what? You’re right!

Basic lab glass can be used for anything from sorting and separating to storing and serving. Ever taken a drink from a beaker? Me neither, but it could be cool. Ever grown a plant in a petri dish? Think about the benefits of a super sturdy growing pot where you can see the quality of your roots.

Here’s a starter sample of what’s out there to use. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Email us and we’ll help you find the glass for the job!

glassThe Glass Bottle
Just like in the non lab world, lab glass bottles are used for storing. If a liquid needs to be kept; grab a bottle, add a cap, and you’re good to go! Bonus: They’re not plastic so they can be cleaned at higher heat and reused often.

flaskThe Flask
These thin necked beauties will also hold your liquids. Additionally, their fun tapered shape allows for mixing without the mess.

dish iconThe Petri Dish
These shallow dishes are available in a ton of sizes. Watch a culture, grow some yeast, test a batch of something, start some seeds. Petri dishes are a great staple glass!

beakerThe Beaker
Beakers are great for holding liquid. They can handle heat. If you’re not in the mood to use a flask, you can mix in them too. Graduations and sizes may vary; however, you’ll always know how much you have of whatever you’ve got in them!

BaneBio has an extensive selection of laboratory glass and consumables. We not only carry various sizes of all of the above glassware, but we also have graduated cylinders (with and without joints), condensers, test tubes, funnels and more! All of this will soon be available for purchase online through our forthcoming website the Scientific Supermarket. In the meantime please contact us at [email protected] for any of your glassware needs!