Tecan Liquid Handler FREEDOM EVO75


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    Tecan Liquid Handler FREEDOM EVO75: Optimize your lab’s throughput with Tecan’s FREEDOM EVO75, offering versatile liquid handling capabilities.

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    Freedom EVO 75 Specifications:

    Arm configuration: One liquid handling arm, optional robotic manipulator arm
    Tip configuration: 1 or 2 tips
    Tip variety: Washable (Teflon™-coated stainless steel), hard Teflon™ coating with full DMSO compatibility, short /long low volume, tips for access to 384 well microplates and disposable tips with or without filters (10/200/1000 μl)
    Tip movement: The tips in the 2-tip configuration have independent Z-movement and 18-mm-spacing in the Y direction.
    Positioning precision (repeatability): X-axis ± 0.15 mm, Y-axis ± 0.15 mm, Z-axis ± 0.3 mm
    Robotic finger gripper range: 58-140 mm
    Fast Wash pump: Ultra fast delivery of wash solution by diaphragm pump.
    Liquid handling features:

    Diluter Cavro XP Smart diluter. (One or two diluters. One for each liquid-handling channel)
    Syringe sizes 50/250/500/1000/2500/5000 μl
    Safety features:

    Liquid level detection: Down to 50 μl of conductive liquid detectable in a round bottom 96-well microplate on standard carriers
    Low Disposable tip eject: Ejection of tips in contained environment to prevent aerosol distribution; also used for tip re-racking
    Safety screens: User activated interlocked screens prevent non-intentional access to work area