Wave BioTech Bioreactor BASE2050P


Wave BioTech BASE2050P: Flexible bioreactor system for efficient cell culture, optimizing bioproduction processes. View BaneBio’s equipment today!

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  • Wave BioTech 2050EH Bioreactoris a flexible system harvesting cell culture and works well with CHO cells and protein manufacturing on a small scale. Thisbioreactoris built for use in Research and Development and the pharmaceutical production arena with a modular system thats adaptable to meet your needs. This easy to usewave bioreactor systemhas a benchtop design makes for easy access and convenient control. Users can control the degree of angle, the speed of the wave action, and temperature all from the upfront control panel. The heater range of this bioreactor can be controlled between 10 above ambient to 50C, and has a tilting range between 2-9 at 2-40 RPM. The large size of this bioreactor tray will accommodate disposable cell bags up to 50 liters in size. At the rear of the instrument are connections to add additional controllers and monitors for a flexible solution.
  • RPM: 2-40
  • Heater Range: 10C above ambient to 50C
  • Angle: 2-9C
  • Acoustic noise level: < 70 dB A
  • Tray Dimensions: 28 x 24"

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