Pall iCELLis Nano Single-Use Fixed Bed Bioreactor w/ mPath Controller MPATHBRXPS0P0


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    Pall iCELLis Nano MPATHBRXPS0P0: Advanced bioreactor for efficient cell culture, integrating control for optimized growth. View BaneBio’s equipment today!

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    • **Pre-owned, but in excellent condition. Unit came from working environment and comes with all items pictured.
    • No know issues or errors. Buyer can expect a working system and 30 day warranty. Software not included.
    • The iCELLis bioreactor system is an automated, single-use, fixed-bed bioreactor, that provides excellent cell growth conditions for adherent cells.
    • The bioreactors system main features include:
    • Cell culture process simplification, from vial to product
    • Fully-integrated, single-use iCELLis 500+ bioreactor with disposable, pre-installed calibrated probes
    • Unique waterfall system for optimal oxygenation and CO2 stripping
    • Compact high-cell-density, fixed-bed bioreactor providing a significant increase in volumetric productivity vs. traditional stirred tanks
    • Predictable scalability from R&D to manufacturing
    • Significant decrease in operational costs and capital investments vs. classical 2D flatware
    • Central to the iCELLis bioreactor technology is the use of a compact fixed-bed, filled with proprietary macrocarriers. This matrix is made of class VI(1) polyester microfibers and provides a surface area for cell growth up to 500 m2 . This is the surface equivalent of 3,000 roller bottles (Figure 1). The iCELLis bioreactor comes pre-packed with macrocarriers. Because of the cell to cell interactions within the 3D environment of the fixed-bed, iCELLis bioreactors can be inoculated at very low density, 3,000 cells per cm2 and even lower points. The seed train can as such be streamlined and simplified, leading to less manual operations and a reduction of associated costs.
    • Evenly-distributed media circulation is achieved by a built-in magnetic drive impeller, ensuring low shear stress and high cell viability (Figure 2). The cell culture medium flows through the fixed-bed from the bottom to the top. At the top, the medium falls as a thin film down the outer wall where it takes up O2 to maintain high kLa in the bioreactor. This unique waterfall oxygenation, together with a gentle agitation and biomass immobilization, enables the compact iCELLis bioreactor system to achieve and maintain high cell densities equaling the productivity of much larger stirred-tank units.