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Predicting BioTech Trends for 2023

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As we start the new year, scientists and laboratory industry experts will want to be prepared for what’s coming next with regard to Biopharma and Biotech. From continued COVID-19 work to extensive allergen research, here’s what 2023 has in store for labs across the country:

Continued COVID-19 Clinical Trials

The COVID-19 pandemic is still being felt throughout the industry, and this has led (and will continue to lead) to clinical trials of new medications being decentralized. This is a strategy that’s helping to recruit participants for clinical trials of drugs and treatment plans. We predict this will likely become an element of our new normal.

Expanded Use of AI

We foresee AI being utilized even more frequently as part of the drug development process. Today, drug developers are using AI and its algorithms in order to increase the speed at which they can find new medications. This helps to bring them to market quickly.

Heavier Focus on Natural Ingredients

Pharmaceutical companies, biopharma, and biotech will focus more of their attention on the environment. This makes sense, as many existing drugs were discovered by studying the environment. After all, Aspirin comes from the bark of a tree.

Today’s drug companies must look to the future by looking at the past. They need to take into account how the environment impacts their drugs’ development, and also the environmental impact that their medications, research, and development will have. It’s an ongoing, never-ending cycle, and as such, we feel we can safely predict it will continue far beyond 2023.

Continued Use of mRNA in Developing Vaccines

The pandemic led to the development of mRNA vaccines, and we feel that this development process will continue to be used by drug manufacturing companies as part of the current Biopharma and biotech trends. This will hopefully allow for drug developers and those who are involved in the drug production process to work together collaboratively. This will ensure that new vaccines and medications are ready for patients to use more quickly.

Solutions for Managing Allergies

There will likely be new options available with regard to treating and managing food allergies. Multi-disciplinary approaches, the use of AI, and other technological developments will make it possible for new drugs to be developed. It could even become possible for patients to no longer avoid foods that typically trigger an allergic response.

Tailored To-You Medicines

Perhaps most excitingly, certain drugs may be tailor-made for the individual patient. It might sound like something right out of a science fiction story, but we’re predicting that within the next year, the personalized medicine market will grow, and it will emphasize patients with unusual or so-called “orphan diseases” that only a very limited number of people suffer from.

With so much change and growth already happening, and with so much anticipated development clearly on the horizon, it’s vital to look to the company of the future.

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