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How to Quickly & Safely Prepare Samples

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It’s hard to keep up with the flow of work in a busy lab, as some tasks simply take a long time to complete. The preparation of samples is one of those tasks in many cases. Depending on the type of sample being prepared, it might be hard to get the job done in time to keep up with everything else that needs to be done. Fortunately, there are methods available that can help to quickly and safely prepare samples. One such technique – the use of ultrasonic energy – is a popular option. Using the ultrasonic process can help with a variety of tasks, such as dispersing, emulsifying, mixing, dissolving, and more.

Following the Steps

As with everything that takes place in a lab, there are specific steps which should be followed when trying to prepare a sample quickly and properly. Once the samples are placed in an appropriate container, along with the right solvent, the ultrasonic process can begin. It is important, of course, to completely understand how to use the equipment involved in this process, as the results will only be accurate when the ultrasonic bath is employed in the correct manner.

One key point to consider when using ultrasonic energy is the matter of heat. Should your samples be heat sensitive, it will be necessary to use lab equipment which is capable of keeping the samples at an acceptable temperature during the process. For instance, some ultrasonic cleaners can use cooling coils to avoid the rising temperatures that would normally come with the use of ultrasonic energy.

Finding the Right Equipment

Purchasing new or used equipment for a laboratory is always a tricky job, and that is certainly the case when looking for gear that will permit you to prepare samples quickly and safely. For starters, you need to be able to find the right equipment for the specific jobs you need to complete, as your needs may vary even from similar labs. Also, you are going to have to remain within your budget, of course, as all purchases are subject to budgetary limitations of some kind. Only when you find equipment that both serves your needs and fits in your budget will you be able to move forward.

Once said equipment is purchased and put into action, regular cleaning and maintenance is necessary to get the most out of the investment. Machines which are capable of helping lab technicians quickly prepare samples are highly technical in nature and must be cared for properly. The key here is to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and care. Each piece of equipment is unique, so it would be a mistake to assume that the care provided to one unit is going to be right for the others in the lab.

In a perfect world, you would have all the time you needed to prepare a sample without any sense of urgency. That is usually not the case, however, so using technologies which permit the rapid and safe preparation of samples is reality for many labs.