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Buying Used Lab Equipment? Know What Questions to Ask the Supplier

For many labs with limited funding, equipment failure can put a huge and unwelcome dent in the budget. Is the cost of fixing it more than the cost of replacing it? If it needs to be replaced, can you afford a new piece? What if you’re expanding operations and just need to update your lab with more equipment? More and more, labs are turning to suppliers to purchase used equipment, but that isn’t entirely without its own risks. Here are a few questions to ask if you’re buying used lab equipment.

How Old is This Piece of Equipment?

Knowing how old the equipment is a key piece of your purchasing decision. Older equipment may be obsolete, which means finding replacement parts and qualified technicians may be harder if the equipment breaks down.

Is This Piece of Equipment Covered Under Warranty?

Many pieces of used lab equipment are still covered under warranty. Ask about the status of the warranty to make sure it’s transferable to your lab. If not, does the supplier offer a warranty?

Is This Piece of Used Lab Equipment High Mileage?

How many hours of use has the equipment had, and how long has it been sitting in storage? If it has been in storage, is the facility a clean one with a climate controlled environment?

Are There Service Logs Available?

Service logs on used lab equipment can be helpful for determining if the equipment was properly maintained. They can also provide insight for any past issues the equipment may have had under the previous owner.

What Kind of Customer Support Can I Expect from the Supplier?

Check reviews of your supplier to make sure customer support is available if there is an issue with the equipment after you purchase it.

Has the Used Lab Equipment Been Thoroughly Cleaned and Disinfected?

Make sure to ask the supplier to provide proof that the lab equipment has been thoroughly sanitized and is safe to use.

Is This Piece of Lab Equipment in Good Working Order?

No one wants to buy someone else’s problem, so make sure the equipment is certified as being in good working order, is fully operational, and comes with a guarantee from the supplier.

Will the Equipment Need to be Professionally Installed?

Does the supplier offer professional installation services on the equipment? If it’s oversized, will the supplier ship it and move it into your lab?

Is the Equipment Compatible with my Lab?

From space and size of the equipment to the outlets and power supply, make sure the equipment will function in your lab.

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